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An Unhistorical Fantasy
(with a touch of Lovecraft)

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A dark secret haunts the viking chiefs of Odin's Vale, a people who have abandoned their raiding roots in order to peacefully settle new land. However, the sacrifices of the past aren't so easily forgotten.  Chief Oleg asks a favour of his old friend Bjorni Jotenbani knowing that it may lead to a fateful truth.

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As with many fantasy novels these days, it started with a desire to run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, nothing more, but when several friends and colleagues were drafted to play it, their actions and responses brought the desire to novelize the experience as best I could. The result was the "Vale of Odin" novel, and many ideas of how to explore it. It was sheer fun, and was a key to telling other stories. The creative desire burned strongly, and felt like a new beginning. 

On these pages are samples and excerpts of a growing novel series, and a comic adaptation.

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