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Karyce's Story

Karyce Z't'Nali's story spans over 50,000 light years and many worlds and wonders along the way as she travels from world to world trying to get back home.

Below is a list of the stories - novels, novellas, comics and short stories - that comprise her journey. Each one is a definitive point in her travels.

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"Human Space" (novel)

Awakened by the Nexxar, Karyce is used as a bargaining chip in the Nexxar's Clan rivalry.

"The Nexxar"

Karyce sets out to follow her boyfriend Azize to stop him from joining the Navy during a time of war.

"Idiots, Dementia & Plausible Deniability"

Hitching rides on all and sundry spaceships, Karyce takes a job aboard a Jha'jhiv vessel, completely unaware of the blob-like species far-from-capable reputation.

"Radome" (comic)

Once bitten, twice shy, but necessity forces her hand" Karyce takes another job on a Jha'jhiv ship.

"Little Things, Big Things"

Karyce becomes the lynchpin in the plan of the viscious alien bounty hunter, Vosh, in its hunt for a mysterious artifact valued beyond measure.

"Game of the Century"

Venturing into the void between spiral arms, Karyce befriends a bored diplomat who is travelling to a once-in-a-Century event that decides the harvesting rights between two rival species. However, it seems that only two people are interested, out of the trillions they represent.

"The Market" (in progress)

Karyce is introduced to the cutthroat world of the Deep Core, where billions of species compete for the exotic materials created in the crucibles of dying and reborn stars.

"The Mourn" (planned)

Travelling far beyond her means to do so, Karyce attracts the attention of the Mourn - an incredibly ancient species that catalogues the Galaxy's extinct civilizations - who take a ominous interest in hers.

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