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         Pan-Spec is an illustrator and writer dedicated to creating imaginative content for any medium, specializing in World Building and Narrative. Always eager to create new worlds, either alone or in tandem with other creative professionals.

        Pan Spec's work has driven video games, illustrated novels and short story collections, both in presenting concepts and projecting narrative and design.

        He is currently working to establish the new properties listed below for development as Literary and Graphic Novels.  Please click on the image links below for information, samples and excerpts from each.

Amaxeno Project


PSA: Pan Spectrum Analyzer




Vale of Odin Project

Vale of Odin

"Vision is Key, Story is King"

You need Vision in order to have a Story, and that story will serve as a springboard for everything else: themes, plot, action, character, melody. Such an ideal has held since Aristotle put it forward long ago; its the only real truth in storytelling.
         Its what drives every memorable property: that story content is important to everyone and that a great story lies at the heart of every great work of art or literature, whether it lives in the brush strokes or words, or behind the creation itself. It doesn’t matter whether the format is a book, image, TV-show, movie, or video-game, the story is the thing: it needs to live and breathe through whichever medium is being used. While a consumer might appreciate an image or an idea, they need to connect and identify with story behind it, and it is this connection that Pan-Spec capitalizes on through development of story properties.
         This doesn't mean that art, of any discipline, is subservient to the vision, or story, but that the story needs to emerge through those disciplines in order to breath its own life and thrive. Without those disciplines, story cannot exist.

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